Sunday, February 14, 2016

N.J. couple to spend honeymoon trekking cross country with a horse, donkey and dog - Full Article

By Anthony Medina | For
on February 08, 2016

MOUNT LAUREL – Honeymoons tend to be a joyous occasion when newlyweds escape to somewhere for some alone time and relaxation. However, one local couple has decided to forgo the typical vacation in pursuit of an adventure of a lifetime by traveling across the United States by riding on horse and donkey next month.

"It was pretty much my idea," claimed Christian Muniz, a 25-year-old resident of Cinnaminson. "I came across an article on the American Discovery Trail and I said, 'that's what we should do for our actual honeymoon, like do a long distance trail or something.'"

At first his wife Diedra, who is 27 years old, seemed to just brush off the idea since Muniz explained he tends to be the dreamer and she the realist. However, the couple married last spring and didn't take an actual honeymoon after their wedding, so making plans for an adventure led Diedra to begin researching the idea and it developed into a reality. And the idea to ride instead of hike stemmed from her love of horseback riding which she had begun teaching to her husband.

"We've both been lifelong adventurers..." explained Christian. "And with this, we've both figured it was the best time to do it because afterwards we might not have an opportunity to do so..."

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