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Owyhee River Challenge - Endurance 101 Clinic and Campout March 19, 2016

Karen Bumgarner is hosting an introductory Endurance clinic in March.

"I am again having the Endurance 101 Clinic out at my ride camp west of Homedale and south of Adrian. (southwest Idaho, Owyhee County) Last year was a half day and we really ran out of time and didn't get to talk about some things people were interested in. This year it's all day. Plus you can ride. Plus you can camp. But you don't have to do either, you don't even have to bring a horse but the options are there. Since we have all day we can be as basic or as advanced as you like. When you register - mark on your form any special requests. I need registrations by March 15 so I can plan but I have $20 Gift Certificates for early registrations. I only have a few left so please get them in to me. The price is $50. IF you want to ride with your own personal mentor, basically a private lesson, it's $25 to be paid to the mentor. But I have to know in advance to make that arrangement. Otherwise I point you down the marked trail and you ride it with your friends or on your won or whatever you choose. :)"

Here is the info:

Endurance 101 Campout
March 19, 2016
If riding is tour passion then perhaps you'd like to try Endurance Ridng!

I will have an Endurance 101 Clinic this year and it will vary from last year’s format. Recognizing that one of the stumbling blocks is camping out with your horse, we’re going to include that this year. Am I nuts? In March? Probably ....
Once registered I’ll contact you with items that you will need and we’ll hope the weather is kind to us! You will need to bring horse water, weed free certified hay, your own food and snacks. We’ll also have potluck that night. So come prepared for a fun time and make new friends! Share goals and stories.

Everyone will be given the DVD containing all the youtube presentations of AERC and Susan Garlinghouse DVM. Everything from ride camp to the finish line is covered. These you can watch in the comfort of your own home. The DVD will also feature book excerpts, ride flyers and more!

We’ll discuss:

*Feed and Electrolytes
*Understanding trail marking
*Trail Bags and what to carry
*Vet check bags and what to send
*Moving up Distance
*Evaluating your horse’s condition
*Trouble Shoooting

Hands on:
*How to pulse your horse
*Vetting your horse through the check
*Evaluating saddle fit on your horse
* Setting goals - And a few other things by request.

After the presentations part of the day we’ll take a break, have some lunch. And there will be a marked trail of 5-10-15 miles that you can ride.

The fee will be $50 for the day. IF you want an experienced endurance rider to ride the loop with you and mentor then please make arrangements in advance and include $25 for their time and knowledge. Or you can just ride it with your friends at no extra charge.

This will all take place south of Adrian, OR at or near the ride camp for the Owyhee River Endurance Ride. The date will be March 19, if we get rained out we’ll have to abandon ship. The discussions and visual can all be done at my house and small barn but I only have room for a couple trailers and the hope of riding the next day. First local ride of the season is April 2, 2016.

Contact Karen Bumgarner;; 208-440-8413 to request an entry application before March 10th.

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