Wednesday, September 06, 2017

2017 AHA Distance Nat'ls/Owyhee Canyonlands Update

September 6 Update:

AHA Distance Nationals, Owyhee Canyonlands - October 6,7,8 Footing is generally good with trails and dirt 2-track roads. Might be dusty though.

Day 1 : CTR/30/50 will be one loop out of camp to Wildhorse Butte with an out-vetcheck.

Day 2 : 30/50 will be 2 loops out of basecamp, north into Birds of Prey and south to Hart Creek (there will be more rock on this loop).

Day 3: 25/55/100 will be one loop out of camp for 25 and 55, and 60 miles for 100’s. Ride along the base of the mountains, to Sinker Reservoir, then Wildhorse Butte, then home. 100 mile riders will then have 2 twenty mile loops out of basecamp. There will be some rocky road in the morning, mostly good footing remainder of the day.

Dinners will be provided with ride entry, and all meals available for purchase beginning Thursday evening.

Ride entry is through AHA, so fill out their registration form at

Unfortunately there is no Junior discount (or fee waiver) through AHA. We suggest Juniors do a fundraiser at the venue (sell cookies?) and we will try to encourage staff and riders to help with entry fees.

Info: and

We don’t anticipate problems with fires in our desert region this fall - but stay posted.

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Ellen Nicholes said...

Laura, Kathie and Sarah are planning an extensive cooking spree! They all want to ride at Canyonlands and Laura and Hugo are chasing a ten starts, ten completions goal so she would like to ride all three days. Thus you can expect a large amount of caramel corn, cookies, brownies, etc.!