Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Tevis 'Mediators of Inflammation' Research Study for 2018

July 24 2018

Mediators of inflammation in endurance horses attempting a 100-mile ride.

The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center will be on-site with a study looking at mediators of inflammation in endurance horses. Thoroughbred race horses have been studied with findings that revealed the levels of these mediators correlated with levels of fitness and exertion. Drs. Page and Horohov from the University want to see what influence intense and prolonged exercise would have on the same markers.

The study is **ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY** but the results will be shared with the riders who participate after the ride and may provide valuable insight into a horse’s ability and success at endurance. We also have a thank you gift for all participating.

The study involves blood draws at the vet-in at Robie Park, at Robinson Flat, Foresthill, and the finish. Pulled horses will be tested at the earliest time after their pull either at Robinson, Foresthill, or the Fairgrounds. Similar to the blood draws for electrolyte levels done over the past five years, the procedure should take less than a minute and cause no delay.

Riders can register for the study on-line:

Research done at the Tevis Cup Ride has been crucial to the understanding of the physical and metabolic stresses put on these incredible athletes. It is part of our mission to allow and to fund on-going research that will better the lives of our equine partners.

We encourage your participation in this important study.

Jeff Herten
Vet Committee Chair

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