Friday, January 03, 2020

Minden chiropractor’s horse takes top spot - Full Story

January 2, 2020

by Sharon DeCarlo | Horse Tales

A horse owned by Minden chiropractor Dublin Hart won the American Endurance Ride Conference’s 100-Mile National Champion Trophy.

Running Thunder Ranch Rimfires Etta is a 12-year-old and is owned by Hart and her mother Kay Mathews.

Born in Smith Valley, Etta started her training in Carson Valley with Coreen Hutchingson, Shelly Edwards and Matt Coats.

She was trained in endurance by Hart and then sent to Reynolds Racing in Florida in 2017.

Etta was trained for the 2018 World Endurance Championships in Tryon, N.C., where she was leased and ridden by Team Endurance Israel.

Etta returned to the Sierra for the 2019 Tevis Cup 100-mile endurance ride where she and Jeremy Reynolds placed second in a run-off to the finish line in August.

On Nov. 2, Etta and Reynolds competed in the national championships in Ridgecrest, Calif., where they won the event, placing first overall and first middleweight...

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