Thursday, November 29, 2007

Auburn Laboratories Donates Product to SoCal Fire Horse Victims - Nov 28 2007

Auburn Laboratories, Inc. Donates Product to Help Horses Injured and Displaced by Southern California Fires

$12,000 of APF Plus, Auburn Laboratories, Inc. veterinary herbal supplement, donated to veterinarians providing aid to horses affected by the devastating fires.

The fires that swept through thousands of acres of Southern California last month displaced hundreds of horses. Evacuations of horses in emergency situations often result in separation from their owners, and frequently relocation to unfamiliar and often crowded environments.

Local veterinarians were active in coordination the evacuation and rescue effects. They were responsible for setting up information clearing centers, arranging stabling for horses being quickly evacuated, and tending to horses in need of medical attention, often in the absence of owners who had been separated from their horses.

Dr. Michael Van Noy, president of Auburn Laboratories, Inc., traveled to Southern California with a gift of $12,000.00 of APF Plus, the company’s veterinary label herbal formula. He met with Dr. Anne McCabe, who was instrumental in the relief efforts at Del Mar Race Track. Dr. McCabe welcomed the offer of the APF Plus, noting that many of the horses were showing obvious signs of stress. “There horses have been through a lot. The kind of sudden and chaotic events of the past week can be very stressful for animals. My chief concern for most of these horses is to adequately support their immune systems. I am grateful to Dr. Van Noy and Auburn Laboratories, Inc. for their generous donation.”

Like the company’s original formula, APF, APF Plus is a proven immuno-modulator. APF Plus helps protect and maintain proper immune response and cellular metabolism in horses experiencing significant stress. For more information, please visit their website,

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