Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tevis Cup Rider David Putnam Endorses Prime Performance Nutrition
Equestrian News Release
Cosby, MO. November 15, 2007 –It takes a strong and committed equestrian to complete the notorious Tevis Cup—the California-based, one day, 100-mile endurance ride with a reputation for only half the horse and rider entrants finishing. Prime Performance Nutrition is proud to announce that Tevis Cup finisher David Putnam (of California) uses the company’s supplements to keep his horses in top shape for big-time trail and endurance rides.

“I condition all my horses to a high standard,” Putnam says. “All my horses receive PPN products to help them stay healthy during intense conditioning.”

Putnam says ProbioForm and Prime Defense help his horses’ immune systems, keeping them healthy as they prepare for the big rides. Putnam made his great ride on WH Simon Phoenix, but also prepares other horses, just in case his favorite mount isn’t healthy enough for competition.

“The ride is different for all entrants,” Putnam says. “The ride went smoothly for the duration at the Tevis. My horse was eating and drinking all the way. It’s always hot during the ride and electrolytes were a must.”

PPN’s Re-store replaces the lost vitamins and minerals used along the way. “When my horse is ‘Re-stored’ along the way, I have a horse that is confidant, strong, and cognizant of the job at hand.”

Putnam’s horse, WH Simon Phoenix also completed the 160 kilometer Florac race in France—also with the help of PPN. Putnam says the usually lazy horse was energetic and ready to run—even at the end of the races.

“WH Simon Phoenix had his ears forward and an great attitude at the 86-mile vet check,” Putnam says. ”He was so ’on’ that I presented him for vet inspection without a cool down. Back on the trail, he immediately passed the other 25 horses that had been at the vet check. Without a doubt, I attribute that to the use of PPN products during his conditioning regime. I like the consistency of the products and that the formulas are easy to administer without unnecessary fillers, tricks, or gadgets.”

PPN Founder and President Jeff Butler is pleased to work with Putnam. “I’ve worked with David for a few years now, developing a program for him and his horses to prepare for the Tevis,” Butler says. “He has counseled me as to the conditions and we have designed a program of PPN products for him. This is the first year that David and his horse finished and he finished strong. He’ll be a major contender in the years to come.”

About Prime Performance Nutrition

PPN products provide horses with nutrition to help them perform on the race track, polo field, jumping course, reining arena, or show pen. With continuing research, you’ll know your horses are getting what’s recommended and what the container lists. As a long-time industry insider, Butler founded PPN to provide other horse owners with quality supplements and guaranteed content. He knew equestrians around the world were looking for high-quality, effective products. In addition to guaranteeing ingredients and testing, PPN is committed to working with international government agencies and organizations such as the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to follow new supplement regulations. PPN products carry the NASC seal.

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