Sunday, November 04, 2007


Gorgeous fall colors, cool temps. Cold in the AM, sunny but stayed cool
with a fairly sharp breeze all day. We never touched a sponge and
practically every horse there walked directly into the vet box after the
fairly long walk from the arrival timer. Josie said "lots of tripping"
with the leaves covering the ample rocks, could account for lameness
pulls. A few riders missed turns and had to go for completion only. Trail
was well marked *and* there were x's on plates if you passed the turn,
but if you did miss the well marked turn there was the opportunity to
accidentally take a shortcut. Larry Jordan is such a nice guy and works
really hard to put on this ride...and only the Boy Scouts profit, so it's
a labor of love on his part.

Grabbed my pen & a napkin when they started reading the results off last
night. Started a little late, don't have much on the 25. 47 started 39
finished. All I remembered on the top names was maybe a Carol Walker &
Liz Galloway. I underlined Melissa Hamilton...don't know if that meant BC
or what.

Did better on the 50's, started writing as they called them out.

36 started 24 finished. A few of those were riders quitting for their own
sake. Seemed like quite a few mentioned that they'd brought their green
horse they were starting, etc.

This is how I HEARD it so sorry if I got names wrong.

1st (tie) Kara Disbrow & Gooby 5:38
Ed Kidd & Merlin

3rd. Gene Dake
4th Joylen Carlson
5th Karen Isaacs
6th Tom Isaacs
7th Teresa Johnson
8th (tie) Cheryl Newman
Josie McGhee & TM Cade 6:36
10th Angie Fura
11th Debra McClarey
12th Sandy Thompson
13th (1st Jr) Joni Buttram
14th Jody Buttram
15th Lois? Wilson
16th Betsy Knight
17th Ann Videl?
18th Stephanie Smith
19th Trish Harrop
20th Joe Schoech
21st Cindy Belle
22nd June Jordan 8:09
23rd Susan Kasemayer

Best Condition Merlin

Only bad news was a horse was missing this morning and they were out on 4
wheelers searching for it. It did have on a bright purple blanket so
hopefully they were able to find it.

Angie McGhee

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