Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 1 at Color Country
Karen Chaton
April 10

The weather has been holding out for us and has been really just perfect. I finished around 4:30 this afternoon on Bo. He did pretty well today and I rode most of the day with Kerry and Dave. Kerry had me work with Bo and get him to walk (versus jig) — he was doing really well and now I need to keep with it and not allow him to get away with jigging. He has a really nice walk, Kerry said she’s gps’d it at 5.5. That is as fast as Chief can walk! I remember how fast he has walked with me on previous rides so I knew he had a really fast walk, I just never knew until today that he could go as fast as 5 mph. He is a rein-swinger, when he gets going in that super fast marching type walk the reins and his neck swing back and forth. I think he needed to get that rhythym going and I had been holding him up. So today was a pretty good day.


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