Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hoof Boots at the Git R Done endurance event

From The Horse's Mouth
Garrett Ford
April 10

I went over to the Git R Done endurance event to help some riders install Easyboot Glue On hoof boots.

Tennessee Mahoney and I spent some time installing glue on boots to Pearl's front and back feet. Pearl has some awesome barefoot feet and isn't new to hoof boots. Tennessee and Pearl have been one of the leading barefoot/booted endurance teams over the last couple years. Depending on the footing Pearl goes with or without boots and has received Best Condition totally barefoot on more than one occasion.

Tennessee worked Pearl in the round pen after we installed boots and I had the opportunity to see her move around. She's one of those horses who moves effortlessly and has no wasted energy. Nice, nice horse.


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