Thursday, April 30, 2009

Elmer Bandit Sidetracked by Justice System - Full Article

by: Marsha Hayes
April 28 2009

A call to jury duty prevented Mary Anna Wood from competing her 38-year-old half-Arabian gelding, Elmer Bandit in the Rustlers and Renegades Competitive Trail ride in Cherryvale, Kan., this past weekend. Elmer broke the record for lifetime competitive trail mileage last October, at the age of 37.

In addition to the jury duty, Wood voiced some concern over her recent work schedule, which left her with limited time to condition Elmer for the ride.

She's considering competing on a younger horse.

"Elmer is a geriatric horse. Rides are beginning to interfere with his geriatric lifestyle," she said, citing his long and frequent naps.


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