Monday, April 27, 2009

Hoofcare Clinic in Idaho at Owyhee Fandango

A two hour clinic on 'Hoofcare and Application of New Hoof Protections on the Market' will be presented by Global Endurance Training Center at the Owyhee Fandango Ride in Oreana, Idaho.

The clinic will be held on Friday May 22, from 9am - 11am. The clinic is open to everyone, and will include live demonstrations and discussions of the various products on the market which are used in Endurance competitions for both the shod and the barefoot or booted horse.

There will be several product giveaways during the clinic to those in attendance.

Vettec, a major supplier of hoof care products, will be hosting a Wine and Cheese Social Friday evening after the veterinary examination of Saturday's competition horses.

The Owyhee Fandango International is a three day Endurance event being held May 23, 24, 25 in southwest Idaho. The event will offer 25, 50 and 75 mile distances each day, with the premier 100 mile event scheduled for the second day. The 50, 75 and 100 mile distances are dual sanctioned as AERC events, and also as FEI CEI*, CEI** and CEI*** events.

The 100 mile event will also be the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) Region IV Championship.

Completion of all three days at the 50/55 mile distance will qualify riders for AERC Pioneer Award points.

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Owyhee Fandango Sponsors include

(Primary Sponsors)
* Arabian Saddle Company (Rubicon Saddle)
* Endurance.Net

(Supporting Sponsors)
* Aromesse - Health for Horses
* Belesemo Arabians
* Easycare Inc
* Elete Electrolyte Water
* Equiflex USA
* Fleeceworks
* Horse Quencher
* Global Endurance Training Center
* Kerrits
* VETTEC Hoof Care
* VESPA - All Natural Amino Acid Supplement

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