Friday, January 22, 2010

Get R Done 2010, MONK wins Best Conditioned 100 mile horse

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Right to the point, inquiring minds want to know the results before the story, so the highlights first, story second. MONK and Lindsay came in 2nd, approx. 20 min or so behind team mate Heather Reynolds.

MONK looked great all day long and Lindsay kept to her game plan and kept us on track for WEG.. MONK won Best Condition, his 3rd or 4th in a row, depending on how you look at his double win at AERC champ ride. This was our last qualifying ride for the WEG and should put us very high on the National Training List.....we are currently 22nd, this ride we should maybe put Lindsay in top 5 or so....not supposed to matter as long as your on the list.

No more rides (FEI) until June when they do the selection ride in Bend Oregon.

You may or not know that when you do a FEI ride you are required to have a team of at least 3 riders. The team can be on any distance. They have a short meeting and express their goals for each and then talk about if they accomplished their goals. Our team was Heather and Jeremy Reynolds. Heather rode the 100 and Jeremy rode the 75..

This ride was held in Lucerne which is close to Ridgecrest, high desert just north of Red Rock canyon. I held my breath the whole weekend as the weather was perfect, no wind, little cloud cover, my theory was that if you said the word "wind out loud", we would be in for it. Crew had a nice warm truck, but no so for horse and rider. All riders started at the same time, all 3 divisions. All crewing was limited to the crew area which was designated. Only other crewing was at one water stop and one place right off of the main road. I think there were 5 loops in all.

Another perfect weekend. Crewing went well with only a couple of mistakes that made no difference. Lindsay trots all the way to the timer, she unhooks breast collar from top of the saddle, after she dismounts she unhooks snap on cinch and pulls bit. Susie takes MONK, I grab saddle and pull it while Steve starts pouring gallon jugs of water on MONK as we walk to the water trough led by Susie. Lindsay takes care of In-timer and then helps at the trough. I dump saddle and return with HR monitor belt and check HR. I help with the water jugs or sponge. Lindsay either pours more water or scrapes water off. If we have no horses in front, which is often the case we move at 64 (which has been the requirement at all FEI rides we have been to). You only get two chances to hit your target so you have to make it count.


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