Monday, January 25, 2010

PNER: Convention of the unconventional

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by Monica Bretherton

I saw a quote from UW geneticist Joshua Akey this morning, "The great problem of evolution is that it's a lot easier to break things than to make them better."

You could apply that to the design of horse gear, too.

So it takes real passion and commitment to develop a new product for the equestrian world, where you will not only have to buck that rule but to market a new idea in a culture steeped in tradition. Fortunately, there is a field where the quest for a competitive edge combined with a traditional disregard for appearances has created an ideal test market - endurance riders.

That's the theory I developed the Pacific Northwest Endurance Ride convention in Portland last Friday and Saturday, anyway. Maybe because long hours in the saddle give people time to think, or the accumulated aches and pains of humans and equines are a powerful motivator, it is almost a given that the vendors at were riders themselves. They either designed the products they offered or were power users -- and often top competitors -- in the field, willing to put their name behind what they sold.


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