Thursday, January 28, 2010

In which an Endurance movie could be good, or really really bad...

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Somebody (no, we don't have names yet) wants to make a feature film about endurance riding. The goal is to film on location here in the Pacific Northwest in July or August this summer. Production plans include setting up a ridecamp populated by local endurance riders and their horses, rigs and crews, and filming action in the vetcheck and on the trail.

So far, not bad news. Possibly even good news. The sport can always use good new recruits, and a movie might be a good way to "spread the gospel" about riding long distances on horseback.

I remember the huge influx of karate students at local martial arts academies in the 1980's, when this movie was released:

(Karate Kid)

At the time of this film, I was a karate student in an Okinawin-style dojo. We were swamped with new fact, we had enough new people joining the school that we were able to afford a new roof for the building that year. New recruits can be a good thing!


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