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WSTF Tevis Education Ride

The WSTF Tevis Education Ride is scheduled for Friday, June 18 & Saturday, June 19, 2010.

RIDERS' LIST (we will post closer to ride date)

There are no restrictions on the number of riders that can enter this year. The cost will be $125.00, which includes camping at Foresthill, lunch and barbecue for rider, attendance at all lectures, and participation in all group activities. Trailers can be moved from Foresthill to the Auburn Overlook for a fee, and extra barbecue dinners will be available for $15.00. Bill Gore will be at the finish to sell photos of the day's ride. For any questions, please call Terryl Reed at (530) 852-2111 or (530) 346-8583 or Kathie Perry at (916) 663-3869.

The 3rd Western States Educational Ride on the historic Western States Trail will be held June 18th and 19th, 2010. The dates are a week before our sister event, the Western States Endurance Run, and five weeks prior to the annual Tevis Cup 100 Mile ride. The final thirty-two miles of the trail will be covered in groups seeded for speed and led by experienced Tevis Cup Riders.

The Friday night camp site for Saturday's ride will be at the Foresthill Mill site. On Saturday, riders will leave Foresthill and ride the Western States Trail to Auburn. Mock vet checks will be held at Francisco's (lunch), the Lower Quarry, and at Auburn at the finish.

Interesting and informative speakers are planned for Friday evening, along with check-in, a pot luck dinner, and group meetings. Lunch will be provided for the riders on Saturday. Riders will be grouped with experienced guides, who will be available to point out landmarks, share pacing tips, and answer questions along the way. The mock vet checks will be at the Western States 100 Mile ride vet stop locations, in an effort to simulate the actual ride day experiences. On Saturday, after the ride, there will be a round robin to discuss the day’s ride and answer questions. Finisher certificates will be awarded, and a delicious California barbecue will be a satisfying way to end the day.

Because this year's Educational Ride offers just one day of guided riding, participants are encouraged to come earlier or stay later to ride other trail sections on their own. Maps and advice from the local riders about ways to do this will be available. Also, nearby stabling arrangements can be made for horses for the extra days.

Although there are no qualification requirements for this 32 mile ride, it is expected that riders will bring well-conditioned horses with previous trail and group riding experience. Because each group will have a designated lead and final rider, horses that are not manageable in the middle of a small group of horses are not well-suited for this event. Although some shuffling of position within the groups will be allowed and normal excitement is expected, please do not enter a horse that will be a danger to others by being a kicker, by insisting on being in the lead, or by exhibiting other equine vices that are dangerous in the group situation. It is also expected that horses will be fitted with proven tack and accessories, including hoof protection that stays on securely. Riders will not be able to make stops for tack adjustments or hoof protection changes until the entire group is on a safe section of trail to do so. This is not the time to experiment with new gear because when one rider stops, forward motion for the entire group comes to a halt. Feed and water will be available at selected locations, and a veterinarian will be on-call for emergencies. Ultimately, however, riders will be responsible for the welfare of their horses and themselves. Juniors who will be old enough to ride Tevis on July 24th are welcome with an adult sponsor. Riders do not have to enter the 2010 Tevis Cup Ride to participate in the Educational Ride.

For more information, contact
Terryl Reed, 530-852-2111, 530-346-8583 or
Kathie Perry, 916-663-3869

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