Tuesday, September 13, 2011

America's Favorite Trail Horse Competition on TV

September 13 2011

Follow the amazing journey of the nation's top 100 trail horses on America's Favorite Trail Horse and vote for your favorite, who will receive their share of the $100,000 in prize money. America's Favorite Trail Horse will premiere at 8pm EST on September 13th 2011 on HRTV on DISH channel 404. Check your local listings on cable networks. Every Episode will also be shown FREE on www.actha.tv simultaneously at 8pm EST. Voting starts as soon as the episode is over at 9pm EST Tuesday and voting will be open for 48 hours per episode. 
How to Watch America's Favorite Trail Horse...
TV: Channel 404 on HRTV on the Dish Network
ACTHA.TV Online: www.actha.tv FREE
When to tune in...
Tuesday - 8pm EST/ 5pm PST
Tuesday - Same episode repeats 3 hrs later 11pm EST/8 pm PST
When scheduling permits: Repeats Sunday 10am EST/7am PST
How to vote for your favorite trail horse...
Ten horses are showcased in each of the 10 episodes, with one horse chosen as the winner of each $5000 episode. The 10 winning horses then proceed to the final round where 3 grand prize winners will be awarded a total of $50,000. Only one vote per email address per episode and voting starts after each Tuesday night episode at 8pm EST. Voting is open for 48 hours. You can also REVIEW competitors by watching episodes at www.actha.tv

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