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Pony Express riders galloped through west-central Lyon in pre-dawn darkness - Full Article

August 29 2011

Written by Karren Rhodes |

While the majority of people in west-central Lyon County were sleeping a horse and rider galloped out of Fort Churchill at about 1 a.m. on Aug. 26 carrying a mochila (mailbag) westward to Sacramento.

The annual Pony Express reenactment had the leg of the long journey that passed through the Dayton Valley headed westward through Mound House scheduled in the early morning hours, and for the most part went unnoticed as the horse and rider retraced much of the original trail that passed through the area.

But that wasn't unusual for a Pony Express rider to be riding at that hour of the night.

The mostly teenage riders passed through the area during the 18-month history of the private mail service.

This year the ride began Aug. 17 in St. Joseph, Mo., and ended in Sacramento. The riders were passing through Lyon County headed to Carson City and Genoa --then over the Sierra Nevada range into California.

The national, 10-day 24-hour-a-day event includes more than 600 riders stationed at intervals to relay the-designed leather mailbag during the 1,966-mile ride...

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