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Support the North American Endurance Team Challenge riders (and you could win some very cool prizes)!

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Posted on September 17, 2011 by worldreporter

September 17 ~Manufacturers and retailers involved in the equestrian industry have come together to put on a raffle to raise funds for the teams. In addition ride managers and individuals wanting to support the teams are also donating prizes you could win. Total value of the prizes to be given away is in excess of $5,000! Check out the prizes — they are amazing!

Members of the American Endurance Ride Conference-International (AERC-I) and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) will be heading to Greenville, California for the North American Endurance Team Challenge (NAETC) September 23-25. Each AERC-I region will be sending a team comprised of horses, riders, crew and veterinarians.

Here’s your opportunity to help offset the costs of this first-ever event — you decide the region your donation will benefit.


Your purchase of a raffle ticket ($5 each or buy four and get one free) will support the AERC-I region of your choice. Winners’ names will be announced at the NAETC Ride.

In order to keep as many dollars as possible getting to the teams, those companies and people donating prizes have also agreed to cover the cost of shipping each prize to the winner.

Click on the “Detailed Description” tab for a list of prizes. There are lots of cools prizes to win. If you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win anything; if you buy lots of tickets you have a better chance and you also will be supporting these international U.S. teams in their quest for endurance excellence.

Thanks for your support of the USEF/AERC-I riders going to the NAETC!

Special thanks for Susan Favro of Healthy As A Horse Network for organizing this raffle and hosting the entry forms on her website.


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