Saturday, December 22, 2012

A new ride season, goals and achievements - Karen Chaton Blog

“They say to touch Heaven, your soul must go higher, to streets that are paved with gold and with pearls;
But for me, it’s a ridge, high above an endless valley, being one with my horse, at the top of the world.
Thank you Chief, for showing me the world thru your ears.”


I wrote that many years ago and still feel that I am on top of the world when I am riding Granite Chief+/. He has carried me a long way and together we have experienced some really great adventures together.

At the Death Valley Warmup ride on December 9, 2012 Chief passed his final completion exam and in doing so passed the 13,000 lifetime mileage mark. I was never sure we’d make it this far and am both amazed and impressed that Chief is still so happily going down the trail.

Each time I ride Chief on a ride, I am both happy and sad. I’m happy that we are still getting to share the trails together, but also aware that it’s not going to last forever. That makes me cherish each ride all the more.

I haven’t been planning in advance as far as goals go. My biggest goal for Chief in the last year was to make this big milestone. With 13,020 miles Chief is now the 6th highest mileage horse with AERC, and also the 2nd highest mileage registered Arabian in the sport...

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