Monday, December 10, 2012

Karen Chaton's Granite Chief +/ reaches 13,000 Miles

December 10 2012

Karen Chaton's Granite Chief +/ reached 13,000 career miles after completing day 2 of the Death Valley Warmup ride in California yesterday. Karen has handled the reins in every one of 17-year-old Chief's miles over 11 seasons. Chief has only 3 pulls in 258 starts. As all of Karen's endurance horses, Chief has excelled at multi-day rides, and he participated in the 2010 XP ride across the Pony Express trail from Missouri to Virginia City, Nevada.

A member of the "Decade Team" (horse and rider teams that have competed together for ten ride seasons in 50 miles and up), Karen got Chief, a Classical Spanish and CMK Arabian, from his breeder for free as a 5-year-old, because the breeder wanted him to "do something."

'Do Something' he did. Granite Chief +/ is currently 6th on the AERC list of high mileage equines.

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