Friday, July 05, 2013

Tevis Cup 2013

The Western States Trail Ride, or 'Tevis Cup' will be held on July 20 of 2013.

An important message for riders and crew from Chuck Stalley, 2013 Ride Director:

Ride Director's Message

Posted 25 June 2013.

As of June 14, I am writing to remind riders of required reading of important procedures and rules that may be overlooked at great peril to the rider's successful experience on the Tevis. We want you to know why we have these rules and why it is important that all Tevis riders follow them.

All riders are responsible for the conduct of their crews. With that in mind, if we review these procedures and rules at the Friday night rider meeting, many of these key points would not get communicated to the crews until they arrive at Robinson Flat. It is vital that crews know the rules, as well as the riders themselves, enough ahead of time that they can adequately plan and support their rider through this challenging ride.

Tevis has a rule that states, "Do not start your automotive engines until 5:15AM on Saturday morning, July 20. At first look, one would think that is clear not to depart from Robie Park until the horses have had a chance to exit the area and proceed onto the Tevis trail. But this rule also includes automotive traffic coming into Robie Park on Saturday morning. That is traffic which may include riders staying in town on Friday night and driving back in to saddle and mount up for the ride. We are stopping traffic coming into Robie from 10:30 pm until 5:30 am. As I interpret this, riders cannot come back into Robie unless they walk in on the ride morning. That means they should consider staying at Robie on Friday night. The traffic will be stopped at the intersection of Road 6 and the confluence of the Western States Trail. It will also be stopped a mile north of Robie Park on Road 6. Tevis ride management would like the riders to stay in camp on Friday night to eliminate any conflicts with horses and riders and vehicle traffic.

There is NO crewing of horses from the water trough at the timed finish. Crews can attend to their riders/horses after the team passes under the banner finish in McCann Stadium. Horses have forty minutes to meet criteria from the time they cross the timed finish to vet at the post ride check in McCann Stadium. Please do not crew your horse/rider until they cross under the banner at the risk of disqualification. It takes ten minutes to walk to the stadium at an average walk.

To ease pressure on hauled water supplies, please read the following article, which was published in the Tevis Forum, on the correct way to utilize water at checks where management has had to truck the water in.

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