Monday, December 08, 2014

Message from New President of Western States Trail Foundation

by Tony Benedetti

Being new to the job of President of the Western States Trail Foundation, I am just trying to get my foot up in the stirrup. WSTF has much to do each year, and this year is no different.  Besides putting on that little event called Tevis, a few of the WSTF projects include working with the American River Conservancy to protect 10,000 acres for recreational use just west of the Granite Chief Wilderness Area, working with the USFS to continue the development of the Chickenhawk trail head, continually maintaining the WSTF trail, and many other projects. All of this is after the work WSTF did in conjunction with other groups reconstructing the Swinging Bridge that was destroyed in the American Fire in 2013.

My success as president will be largely due to the hard work of the members of the Board of Governors.  Already this new fiscal year, planning and work has begun or continues on the projects I just mentioned. There are also many volunteers that work continuously on these projects who are not on the Board of Governors. I would like to introduce the new officers for the WSTF for 2014-15; Barbara White and Steve Hallmark as Vice Presidents, Shellie Hatfield as Treasurer, and Debby Lyon as Secretary. We'd also like to welcome Carrie Ellinwood to the Board of Governors this year. 

I am honored to be President of the WSTF and will do what I can to continue the legacy of what we call Tevis.
Tony Benedetti
Western States Trail Foundation

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