Saturday, November 14, 2015

AERC Board of DIrectors Meeting Nov 10

The AERC Board of Directors met by phone conference November 10. The membership report shows significant increases over last year in the 8-10% range with about a 12% increase in rider fees.

The board heard reports on USEF and FEI from Jan Stevens (AERC liaison to USEF), Dr. Meg Sleeper (chair of the AERC-I Cmte.) and Valerie Kanavy (athlete representative to the FEI Technical Committee). Board members asked questions and the ladies were very helpful.

The Board also reviewed the Strategic Plan.

The Board passed a motion from the Trails and Land Management Committee to fund a Trails Grant project in Wisconsin.

The Board passed a motion to include Phenibut in the prohibited substance and referred back to committee the addition of Levothyroxine a drug used to treat hypothyroidism in horses. If you have a competing horse that is treated with Levothyroxine, the Board would like to hear from you.

Posted by AERC President, Michael Campbell

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