Friday, November 20, 2015

New sport gives Baris chance to run – and ride – her way to national ranking - Full Article

By Andy Rhinehart - November 15, 2015

As did her older sister, Laney, Carrie Baris ran cross country and track competitively in high school.

Some 10 years ago, Laney began running again, and so too did Carrie. Laney entered the Death Valley Marathon, so Carrie entered and ran with her.

But when Laney suggested Carrie follow her lead and take up a new sport, one that involved both riding on and running with horses, Carrie wasn’t exactly certain whether to stay that course or not.

“She told me many stories about this crazy sport,” Baris said of the perhaps not-so-well-known sport of Ride and Tie.

“In 2013, when a race was held at Clemson for the first time, one of her regular partners, Janice Heltibridle, needed a partner for the 30-mile course. Laney volunteered me, and I partnered with Janice and her horse, Bubba. Hot, steamy, exhausted and filthy, we crossed the finish line last in my first race. But I had been instantly drawn in by the close-knit community...”

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