Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Taking the Heat at the AERC National Championships


by Merri Melde-Endurance.net
June 15 2021

It's been a hot week at the AERC Nationals outside of Ashland, Montana.

Described at various times as "HOT" and "a brutal heat wave" and "incredibly hot" and "extreme heat," the ride was a challenge in more ways than just the terrain this year.

Friday was the 50-miler; Sunday was the 100-miler; Tuesday was scheduled to be the AERC Young Rider National Championship, but due to extreme heat forecast of 108*, the start time was moved up to 6:30 PM Monday evening - ride is still underway with 13 starters.

Winning the National Championship 50-miler was Heather Reynolds and Misfit Toi in 4:17. Niki Beck and Cloudy finished second in 4:18, and Rachel Land and Matla were third in 4:33. Best Condition and High Vet Score went to Matla. 48 finished the ride.

Jeremy Reynolds and Supersonic Zell won the open 50-miler in 4:05; they also got Best Condition and High Vet Score. 17 finished the ride.

Repeating their 2017 AERC National 100-mile victory in Colorado, Gwen Hall and Sizedoesntmatter ("Dakar") crossed the finish line first in 13:14. Also repeating the finish in Colorado was second place Hannah Johnson and Kourageus Hope ("Stuart"); they finished in 14:28.01. Third place went to Suzie Hayes and Sannstorm, who rode with Hannah all day. There were 13 finishers in 44 starters in the Championship. Best Condition and High Vet Score went to fourth place The Maclean Machine, ridden by Marvin Brangman, in a ride time of 14:29.

Two out of 9 starters completed the open 100, with Kelly Stoneburner finishing first aboard Reckless in 19:05.

More stories and results to come:

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