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Endurance Horse Podcast: Dr. Jay Mero - Winner of the 2021 Haggin Cup

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Welcome to Episode 45 of Endurance Horse Podcast

Dr. Jay Mero- Winner of 2021 Haggin Cup

Created by Christina Hyke on July 28th 2021

Maybe you were one of the many people tracking the progress of the Tevis Cup that was this past weekend, July 24th 2021 under the last full moon of July? This moon is called the Rider’s moon and it is under this moon that the annual Tevis Cup was to be ridden. For the 66th annual riding of the Tevis Cup riders had to deal once again with smoke from wildfires. In the next few episodes of Endurance Horse Podcast we will be sharing short interviews with some of those brave soles who saddled up and faced what is arguably one of the toughest endurance events in the equestrian world. Tevis is often called the Grand Daddy of them all and has even inspired events as far as Australia and the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Tevis, unlike the Quilty historically is held at the same venue from year to year and although there maybe some slight changes in trail, many of the milestones have remained the same since 1955. Although many think of the Tevis of a climbing ride, likely due to the world famous Cougar Rock images, there is actually, by the numbers roughly 17,000 feet of elevation gain and over 21,000 feet of elevation loss. As you will hear mentioned in several of the interviews, some keys to conditioning for Tevis are hills, hills and hills.

In this episode of Endurance Horse podcast I am honored to bring to you an interview with the 2021 Haggin Cup winner Dr. Jay Mero. For those of you new to the podcast or new to endurance, the Haggin Cup is arguably the most prestigious of north american endurance. Riders from around the world travel to auburn, CA to tread along this historic and as some say, magical trail.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Episode 45 of Endurance Horse Podcast, Tevis 2021 Haggin Cup winner, Dr. Jay Mero.


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