Sunday, August 08, 2021

Rural Arlee woman does it again, winning 100-mile horse race in dark of night - Full Article

Aug 7, 2021

MISSOULA — In the wee hours of the morning on a lonely trail in north central Wyoming, Suzanne Hayes let the tears flow.

She had just repeated as champion of the 51st annual Big Horn 100 horse endurance race near Shell, Wyoming. Once again her tender loving way of treating her horse had paid off handsomely in a treacherous, 17-plus-hour odyssey that finished with five hours of riding in the dead of night.

It wasn't the winning that made this evening in early July unique. Hayes has won many times in her life and logged over 25,000 miles of racing.

The reason she'll remember this race is the bond she formed with a young horse she likes to call Ace. Five hours of trusting one another in the dark can do that sometimes...

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