Friday, July 16, 2010

Australia: Horse riders to flock to Putty for second endurance - Full Article

13 Jul, 2010 11:10 AM
PUTTY Valley Endurance Ride 2010 Putty Valley will be home to over 100 riders and their horses on July 17 to 18 as they compete in the second Putty Valley Endurance Ride.

A presentation at the Putty Hall ride base at 11.30am on Sunday, July 18, will enable spectators to understand the rules governing the sport of endurance riding.

The lead riders are expected to arrive at the hall around 12 noon after a ride of up to 100km. The horses walk to the finish line and then tension mounts as the vet testing begins.

An endurance ride is won by the first rider to complete the 100km course with a fit horse.

The horse’s welfare is of prime importance and their temperature, pulse, and respiration are checked by vets throughout the ride.

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