Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MONK: Corydon, Iowa - Part 2

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Friday July 23 2010

Rode MONK on Wednesday, humidity was about 80 and the tempature was about 85, it was overcast with some heavy looking clouds. MONK was ready to go,he was shying at everything, we were booted and were just traveling the edge of these nice country roads. We had just had 6" of rain two days before so everything was nice and soft. We did about 12 miles at a pretty good clip, with a nice warm up and cool down. MONK wanted to go fast on the hilly parts so I let him, but you have to let him ease into it or he will think he can do what he wants and go as fast as he can. Most of the time our speed was somewhere between 12 and 15 miles an hour. When I brought MONK back to the farm we did not go to the barn, we went to where my trailer is parked and there is another very large metal building, probably 50x80 or so. Inside Angle has her two horse trailer parked deep inside the building. I had noticed previously that when I took MONK into the building the big horse fly or the little flies for that matter did not follow us in. The humidity inside the building is very high, kinda like a sauna but without the high tempatures. MONK got a nice bath I parked him inside the building for a couple of hours until the flies went to bed.

So my new plan is to maybe do a high line inside the metal building for the nights when we are going to have torrential rains with thunder and lightning.

I tried putting MONK out with Angie's other horses but they all ganged up on MONK so that did not work. One of Angie's neighbors who keeps her mini arab cross horses at the ranch thought we should try MONK with some of her little horses in the great big pasture. She put 5 of her little horses in the big pasture and I walked MONK out to the pasture gate, right past the mini's who were grazing along the fence line. I opened the gate and MONK ran into the pasture. He ran right past the mini's down towards the fence line where the other horses were…

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