Friday, July 16, 2010

Australia: A sensational partnership - Full Article

14 Jul, 2010 09:07 AM
Rochelle Knihinicki rides horses for the love of it, but not in a lifetime did she thought she would achieve one of the greatest achievements in endurance riding.

Following the Tom Quilty Gold Cup ride late last month, Knihinicki was presented with her 10,000-kilometre Scroll for completing 10,000km in endurance rides on board her Purebred Arabian horse Tuldar Ronnie.

Knihinicki became the 12th Australian to receive the 10,000km scroll, and at 20 years of age, she is also the youngest.

She completed the milestone at the St Albans endurance ride in early June but was not presented with her scroll until after the Tom Quilty event.

“It was pretty exciting, pretty emotional,” Knihinicki said.

“Dad cracked a bottle of champagne in the veterinarian area. He was dying to do it... I got drenched. It was something I haven’t done before and probably would never do again..."

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