Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mighty Amigo back under saddle

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July 13, 2010

by Neil Clarkson

Endurance horse Amigo, given only a two per cent chance of survival after a terrible impaling injury, is back under saddle.

The purebred Arabian got the all-clear for light riding on July 2 and excited owner Gary Sanderson saddled Amigo up that day and took him for walk around the 110-acre farm the horse grazes in Luttrell, Tennessee.

It has been a remarkable journey for Amigo, who overcame a series of life-threatening problems during his recovery, watched by a growing legion of fans on Facebook.

Amigo handled the ride well and the pair have since been out again.

Gary told Horsetalk that Amigo's vet bills amounted to $US35,000. He said that an anonymous donor who gave $US11,600 towards Amigo's care continued to meet the vet bills as the costs climbed well beyond his means.

The accomplished endurance horse accidentally impaled himself on a large branch in his paddock in mid-January...

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