Friday, May 13, 2011

Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride CEI/CEIY

Release: May 11 2011
Author: Joanie Morris


The Biltmore Challenge Endurance Ride CEI/CEIY was held on the historic grounds of George Vanderbilt’s picturesque estate in Asheville, NC. The event boasted over 150 entries in both the Open and FEI divisions. Hot Desert Knight was the first horse across the finish line in the CEI3* 160km. Farzard Faryadi rode the Arabian gelding to the win in 10:19:12. Meg Sleeper and Syrocco Cadence took second in 10:38:44, barely edging out Ceci Butler-Stasiuk and DJB KD Fantasia who finished in 10:38:46. In the CEIY3* 160km, Kyle Gibbon was the only rider to finish, taking the win in 12:55:47.

In the CEI2* 120km, Valarie Kanavy and Reach for the Gold set the pace and won handily in a time of 7:14:56. Natalie Muzzio and Laconic were second in a time of 8:19:22 and Lithuanian rider Alisija Zabavska-Granger rounded out the top three. Kelsey Russell and My Wild Irish Gold came in for the win in the CEIY2* 120km in a time of 7:14:54, and hot on their heels was Cassandra Roberts with Destiny Gold, taking second in a time of 7:14:55. Coming in third was Steven Hay on Khalil Asam in 8:19:24.

TJ Vore rode BHF Flash Back to the win in the CEI1* 80km in a time of 6:01:48. Frank Murphy and Tumultuous were second, with Amy Atkins and SA Zacks Comet finishing third. In the CEIY1* 80km, Meghan Delp blazed home for the win in 5:09:37 aboard Layla Z Gold. Sophia Bashir and DJB Cyton Kon JMF were second, and Amos Cader and Blaze Star were third.

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