Friday, May 13, 2011

USEF Equestrians in Action

USEF Equestrians in Action tracks youth volunteer hours that are aimed at improving the welfare of the horse or positively promoting equestrian sport. Sponsored by the EQUUS Foundation, the program encourages youth to give back to equine sport – at horse shows, equine promotional events, equine businesses or organizations, trade fairs, therapeutic riding centers, horse rescue and 4-H events.

Participants must be 21 years of age or younger at the start of the award year and need current USEF membership.
Program Award Year:
Participants can begin recording hours December 1, 2010 through November 31, 2011. Hours worked prior to the award year cannot be counted.
Volunteer Hours:
Approved volunteer hours will include hours volunteered at any USEF recognized competition, schooling show, 4-H function or club event, service at an equine clinic, equestrian or horse-related charity such as a therapeutic riding center or horse rescue, any event that is working to improve the welfare of horses, or any event that is promoting equestrian sport in a positive manner (i.e. equine affaire). To ensure a level playing field, volunteer hours must be given freely, without payment or other compensation.
Bronze—completed a minimum of 50 cumulative hours per year
Silver—completed a minimum of 100 cumulative hours per year
Gold—completed a minimum of 150 cumulative hours per year
The participant with the most volunteer hours in the award year (minimum of 150 hours) will earn a $1,500 grant payable to the educational program of choice. All youth have the opportunity to earn one of three certificates depending on their participation level. Those who volunteer at least 50 hours will be awarded a Bronze level certificate while youth who volunteer at least 100 hours will receive a Silver level certificate. The highest level, the Gold certificate, will go to those who volunteer 150 or more hours. In addition, the top 10 participants will receive special “Top Ten” certificates.
How to sign up and keep track of hours:

Participants will create an account, which will track their volunteer hours. Individuals will record their hours in the online portal where they will identify their area of service (USEF competition/Event, Therapeutic riding center, etc.) number of hours, date of service, and organizations name, city, state, phone number, and email. A description of the volunteer work such as groomed horses, handed out ribbons, etc. is required. To log in to USEF Equestrians in Action or create a USEF account, click the login link below. Once you are logged in then you can add or view your hours in the volunteer log.

A top ten listing of participants for the current year and overall appear below. You can see how you compare to other participants and who is leading with the highest number of hours.


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