Friday, May 20, 2011

USDA Releases Initial EHV-1 Situation Report

May 20, 2011


In response to the on-going Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) and Equine Herpes Virus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) disease incidents from an event in Ogden, Utah held from April 29 to May 8, 2011, USDA has compiled individual state EHV-1 reports and released the initial national EHV-1 situation report. A summary of the current situation is as follows:

* Owners of horses known to have been exposed in this incident have been contacted by State Animal Health Officials.

* Suspect and confirmed cases are reported to be under voluntary or state quarantine.

* Known exposed horses are reported to be under either voluntary or state quarantine.

* A total of 21 confirmed EHV-1 cases and 12 confirmed EHM cases have been reported in 8 states (CA, CO, ID, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA).

* Of the 33 total confirmed EHV/EHM cases, 32 cases are horses that were at the initial event.

* There are 7 horses associated with this incident that are dead or have been euthanized.

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