Thursday, May 26, 2011

Idaho Man Rides the Pony Express - Full Article and audio

By Emily Schwing

BOISE - The Pony Express was the FedEx of the late 1800s. The trail became the nation's most direct route for mail between Missouri and California. The 10-day trip crossed the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. Today, an Idaho man sets out from Kansas on that route with his horses.

Most of us have a bucket list – the things you've always wanted to do. Tom Noll is no exception.

He's in his 50s and his light blue eyes give way to one defining feature...

Tom Knoll: "I have a big mustache. Is there any reason why? I've had a big must for a long time since the mid-70s. It just is. I don't know why."

Noll is a runner. He's completed ultra-distance marathons in Utah and Colorado. It was during one of these foot races that he discovered endurance horseback riding.

Tom Knoll: "Over 10 years ago I was running the Wasatch 100 and a guy came by training his horse. I was running by myself and he was an endurance rider, I think, and he would hop off his horse and run with it then get back on and ride a bit do that. You know, I'm running along by myself, I've got a lot of miles left, and my mind's drifting and I'm watching that guy disappear down the trail and over the ridges and I thought, 'you know that looks like fun. If I ever get to the chance, I'm gonna do it.'"

Noll has his chance this summer and he's taking it with two of his best friends...

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