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Individual State Information For EHV-1 Outbreak - More information

May 17 2011

Updated Information About Specific States (from state veterinarian offices):

* A big thank you to the following state veterinary offices for helping to keep readers updated with the most recent news about EHV-1 in their individual states. Please be advised that we are committed to relaying the most factually correct data regarding this issue.

The information below was provided to us directly, by each state veterinarian’s office. Although there is considerable speculation about additional cases in some states, it does take time to confirm positive reports before anything can be announced in an official capacity. The following notices will only be updated as we continue to receive e-mails from state veterinarian offices.

California The CA Dept. of AG was able to confirm that as of 9 am. this morning they have ten positive horses. Information to date suggests they were all at the Utah event.

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Hospital releases more information about the positive cases in Bakersfield.

Colorado - Two confirmed cases of EHV-1 in two Colorado horses, that competed at the NCHA Western Nationals in Ogden, Utah. Further investigation is underway. Six additional horses exposed are showing clinical signs of EHV-1. Horses in four counties (Boulder, Larimer, Mesa and Weld) are under hold/quarantine orders and being investigated for disease.

Latest Travel Requirements for horses entering Colorado

Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital is now restricting non-emergency equine and camelid patients as a precaution to prevent exposing the facility to EHV-1.

Connecticut- No exposed or diseased horses have been traced to Connecticut at this time.

Delaware- No horses from Delaware have been exposed at this time.

Florida- No exposed or diseased horses have been traced to Florida at this time.

Georgia- There are no known exposed or positive animals in Georgia.

Idaho - In Idaho, two horses that were in attendance at the Ogden, Utah event have died. Five other horses are currently under veterinary care. Laboratory confirmation of EHV-1 is pending. At least 26 Idaho horses were entered in the event. More information coming out of Idaho.

Illinois- Illinois had two owners and two horses participate at the Utah event. One horse returned to Illinois on 5/8. It is under current observation and is clinically normal. The second horse is currently stabled out of state, is under current observation, and is clinically normal.

Kentucky- Information/recommendations we are making available to the public can be found on our web page at Kentucky has no horses reported to be exposed to the outbreak.

Louisiana- Louisiana had one owner with three horses that attended the Western Nationals. All horses are isolated and under a veterinarian’s observation since Saturday, May 14. There are asymptomatic as of now.

Maine- The state of Maine did not have any horses that attended the Utah event.

Maryland- Maryland does not have any horses listed as having attended the Utah event. There are no EHV-1 investigations, links or events in Maryland at this time.

Michigan- There are no known exposed horses in Michigan.

Missouri- “Missouri only had one horse that attended the Utah event. It is now isolated and is being temped twice a day.”- Taylor Woods, Missouri State Veterinarian

Montana - Sixteen horse owners and 30-35 horses from Montana attended the Utah event, but no cases of the disease have been reported in the state, per a Montana Dept. of Livestock press release.

Nebraska - We have five owners and five horses involved. All quarantined as of 10:30 am CST today. No symptoms yet and temping twice a day. Two of them exhibited at a local cutting show in Kearney, Nebraska, four days after attending Utah event.

Nevada- Thirteen horses attended the NCHA Western National Championship. Nevada has provided information to all owners that attended the Utah event and advised them to monitor horse temperatures and to practice quality bio-security measures. We have not detected the disease within our state, yet. No additional movement requirements have been established due to the current situation.

New Jersey - A horse farm in Colts Neck, Monmouth County was quarantined after six horses contracted EHV-1 in early April, before the Utah event. The quarantined has since been lifted.

New York- “At this time there are no known exposed horses in New York. We advise all animal owners to be extremely cautious when returning from fairs and other competitions. Returning livestock should always be isolated from the rest of the herd for three weeks whenever possible.”- David Smith- NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets

North Carolina- No horses from North Carolina have been exposed at this time according to a call from COSDA this afternoon.

North Dakota- North Dakota has two horses listed that attended the Utah event, but they are both under the same owner’s name. The horses that are owned by the North Dakota owner are boarded in another state.

Ohio- There are no known horses that were exposed in Ohio.

Oklahoma- The Breeder’s Invitational, May 14-28 in Tulsa, OK has been cancelled, along with the NCHA event, the Mercuria/NCHA World Series of Cutting.

Oregon - At this time there are no confirmed cases of EHV-1 in Oregon.

Pennsylvania- Pennsylvania has no known horses exposed at this time.

Rhode Island- There have been no reported exposed horses in Rhode Island at this time.

South Carolina- There are no known exposed or positive horses in South Carolina.

South Dakota- “Two owners and four horses that attended the event. No fevers or symptoms noted. Temped twice daily, under unofficial isolation and instruction to call if symptoms are noted”- Dustin Oedekoven, South Dakota State Veterinarian

Texas- “Texas Animal Health Commission veterinarians attempted to contact all 27 horse owners over the weekend that we believe attended the Utah event. They were advised to isolate the potentially exposed horses if possible, and contact their vet or TAHC is they had any animals become clinically ill. So far we have found no horses with clinical signs and no confirmed cases in Texas. I believe there were only a couple that we have not been able to contact yet, so that is good news from Texas for now.”- Dee Ellis, Texas State Veterinarian

The District of Columbia- The District of Columbia has no known exposed horses at this time.

Utah- “Utah, at this time, has no confirmed cases, but we are following up on several suspect cases, (horses with clinical signs consistent with EHV-1 and who attended the event.) There have been no travel restrictions put in place as of date. There may be cancellations of equine events in the state. Horse owners should call the event organizers for the latest status of the event.”- Wyatt Frampton, Utah State Veterinarian

-Last night, the Western Regional Zone 2 Show and Utah Paint Horse Club Paint-O-Rama, scheduled for May 26-31 in South Jordan has been cancelled.

-The No Bling/All Novice Show at the Golden Spike Event Center in Ogden, Utah, May 14-15 has been cancelled.

Virginia- There are no known exposed horses in Virginia.

Washington State - Washington has 34 horses that were entered in the NCHA Western Nationals in Ogden Utah. One horse that attended tested positive by PCR nasal swab after a temperature rise. Two horses that attended are showing neurological signs and we are waiting the test results. WSDA is sending information to all owners that attended and advising stop movement and isolation.

According to the Washington State University website: There are no horses exhibiting signs of EHV-1 at WSU, however they will not be admitting any new equine or camelid patients to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, except for critical emergencies, because a horse was admitted recently that has since been found positive for EHV-1.

West Virginia- There are no known exposed horses in West Virginia.

Wisconsin - Two horses owned by Wisconsin residents attended the Utah event, but are boarded in another state and have not returned to Wisconsin.

Wyoming- Wyoming has nine owners and an uncertain number of horses, (some were shown in Utah, some were on the show premises, but not shown.) All have been notified and are under an unofficial hold order. They are isolated away from other horses. One is a febrile, [has a fever], but asymptomatic horse.

More information on the state information on the EHV-1 outbreak, and currently cancelled shows, see:

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