Monday, January 27, 2014

PNER Convention: THE Place to Be

January 27 2014

The Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides conference, held January 24-26 in Portland, Oregon, was a tremendous success, with more than 200 regional members attending lectures, panel discussions, the trade show, the used tack sale, the awards banquet, and the dance. Educational speakers and sessions included yoga for riders, nutrition for the performance horse, horse hoof biomechanics, tracking the lost horse, lameness, and a panel of expert endurance riders.

Endurance 101 clinics led by author Aarene Storms were filled on both days, with "green bean" participants and experienced mentors ready to work together to make entry-level endurance a fun and exciting experience, highlighting information from the Endurance 101 book (Triangle Ranch Press, 2012). "My favorite part is always the stick pony vet check," said Storms with a laugh, "but participants really kept me busy with their great questions."

The Green Beans, a newly-formed endurance Facebook group for 'green' riders and horses, and willing mentors, adorned in clipped-on green tail ribbons provided by the Endurance 101 team, made time for meet-ups throughout the weekend to welcome riders new to the group and new to the sport.  

In addition, at the convention, PNER elections were held, and current President Becky Fiedler and Vice President Tani Bates were re-elected by acclamation of the membership. Further election results will be posted on the PNER website.

"We are building a sustainable event which has grown and matured into a righteous educational, social, and community event," Said Dr Eileen Reilich, one of the organizers of the convention. Reilich, an endurance rider, volunteered for the convention and updating the PNER website, and created the PNER slideshows, as well as being elected a rider representative for Washington state for 2014.

The event, held annually in January, is always an energetic start to the new ride season in AERC's Northwest Region.

Slideshows from the event can be seen here:
Friday Night Awards
Saturday Awards
Day at the Races

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