Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tevis Cup: there is no Endurance race without trust and harmony between horse and rider! - Full Story

Among all the Endurance rides, the Tevis Cup holds a special position, not only for being the first competition in the modern history of Endurance, but also as it is considered the most difficult in the world. For Endurance riders, taking part in this mythical journey is a dream, a challenge and, perhaps more importantly, a target!

By Nathalie Weemaels, Ecuador

On July 20 I was fortunate enough not only to participate at the 2013 Tevis Cup, but also to carry the Ecuadorian flag to the finish, arriving on the 21st place on GE Haad Saad Pico, an Arabian horse which belongs to Christoph Schork, from the Global Endurance Training Center. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience, because of the breath-taking beautiful surroundings of the Sierra Nevada and also for the competition itself with such a high level of technique and… endurance!...

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