Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AERC board member meeting in Denver, Colorado

The American Endurance Ride Conference will be holding it's annual mid-year board meeting in Denver, Colorado on August 15.

Items on the agenda include:

-Update on marketing program with media representative Candace FitzGerald

-Progress on implementation of AERC's Strategic Plan presented by John Parke

-Approval of Mountain Region director to replace Peter Hommertzeim who is stepping down

-Update on AERC finances, presented by treasurer Mollie Krumlaw-Smith

-Discussion of FEI progress pertaining to rules infractions and horse welfare in United Arab Emirates

-Discussion of Governance as pertains to Strategic Plan

Motions to be considered for board approval:

-Extension of media representative contract

-Offering stipend for a Young Rider's first FEI ride

-Dues increase for membership in AERC International

-Rider fee increase of $1 per rider for Research projects

-Land Transfer motion (opposition to transfer of Federal funds to state ownership)

-Increase expense reimbursement to board members for travel/lodging to attend mid-year board meeting

-Policy to appoint Youth Representative to attend board meetings in non-voting capacity

-Increase rider fee collected for drug testing from $3 to $5 per rider

-Designate reserve drug testing funds for litigation needs only


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Anonymous said...

In this meeting I am pretty sure they have been able to get to know about many new things that are meant to be interesting. So now we would be waiting for the updates of the next meeting.

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