Sunday, August 16, 2015

AERC Board of Directors meeting, Denver Colorado

The American Endurance Ride Conference held it's annual mid-year meeting August 15 in Denver Colorado. Directed by board President Michael Campbell, the day was spent resolving several motions and proposals presented to the board and in informal sessions discussing the various aspects of AERC's long term strategic plan.

Board resolutions included:
-Extension of a media representative contract with Candace Fitzgerald (Dobbin Group)
-Approval of Tennessee Lane as Mountain Region director, to replace Peter Hommertzein
-Approval of AERC International committee's Young Rider stipend for a first FEI ride, an International committee dues increase, and reimbursement for expenses incurred at the North American Young Junior/Young Rider competition. Funds will come from committee reserves
-Proposal to raise rider fees in order to fund research projects was deferred back to Research Committee with recommendation to raise awareness of the need for endurance related equine research, and seek funding for specific projects
-A resolution from Trails Committee was adopted to oppose the transfer or sale of Federal Lands to State ownership
-Approval of an increase in the amount of reimbursement available to board members for travel and lodging expenses incurred while attending the mid-year board meeting
-Approval of a Youth Representative to participate in AERC board meetings in a non-voting capacity
-Proposal by Veterinary committee to further raise the amount of drug testing fees collected from riders in order to fund increased drug testing was referred back to committee with a suggestion to use reserve funds which are already in the drug testing account
-Proposal by Veterinary committee to allocate reserve funds in drug testing account to litigation purposes was deferred back to VC to fund increased drug testing for a year to evaluate the effect of doing so.

Treasurer Mollie Krumlaw presented the proposed 2016 AERC budget for discussion. The final budget will be approved in a November board session.

Board member John Parke conducted sessions discussing the various aspect of AERC's Strategic Plan, presenting details on various program aspects including Governance, Education, Trails and Finance. Parke also led an open session discussing ways to improve board efficiency and communication.

Steph Teeter, AERC NW Regional Director

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