Tuesday, August 25, 2015

RN’s Love of Horses Sets Her on Long Endurance Ride

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August 13, 2015 Get To Know

One Registered Nurse accomplished her childhood dream of owning horses and has spent the past 18 years participating in trail endurance rides. She shares her memories from the competitions and how horses have shaped her livelihood.

Ericka Bjorum-Nelson jokingly asked her dad if he ever felt guilty about not getting her a pony growing up. Smiling he said, “Yes, but I got over it.”

Luckily for Ericka, she turned her childhood dreams of owning horses into a reality.
trail endurance rides

She got her first horse in 1997 and has spent her life as a horse-owner in a different way from most — as an endurance horse rider participating in several rides crossing many miles per year.

“I heard about endurance horse riding back in the ‘80s,” explains Ericka, RN, OCN, in Renown Infusion Services. “I finally was able to start endurance riding in 1998, when I found a mentor and she helped me get started...”

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