Monday, August 24, 2015

Trails Matter: New Blog

August 23 2015, the world's foremost website for current and archived news and stories and related subjects concerning Endurance riding around the world, has launched a new blog, "Trails Matter."

Trails issues and accessibility are quickly becoming one of the highest priority concerns for not just endurance riders, but equestrians around the country. Rising fees for state and federal land usage, limited "heartbeats" on wilderness trails, the movement to transfer federal lands to states (and ultimately private or industrial use), private land closures because of liability, trail closures due to lack of maintenance; all are just a sample of issues that affect riders' rights to ride on trails, and ride managers' ability to put on endurance rides now and in the future.

The new "Trails Matter" blog will consolidate trails news regarding trails, and funding sources for trail projects, from leading trails advocate groups such as Backcountry Horsemen, ELCR (Equine Land Conservation Resource), AHC (American Horse Council), and other diverse sources. The news will be in an easily-searchable archive by date or keywords.

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