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Canadian mother and daughter conquer Tevis Cup - Full Article

August 6, 2015

Alex Boates

Last weekend the annual Tevis Cup race took place in California.

The race is known worldwide as being one of the most gruelling, treacherous and dangerous endurance horse races in existence.

But that didn’t scare away 22-year-old Jaylene Janzen and her mother Christy. The duo made their way down to California last week to take part in the ride, which covered 100 miles over some of the most difficult terrain.

“The terrain there is something I’ve never been on,” Jaylene said. “The first 36 miles was on a mountain in rocks, stuff that our horses aren’t used to. We’ve done mountain rides before in the Rocky Mountains here, but it’s completely different there.”

The mother-daughter pair had only 24 hours to complete the race. With 198 riders taking part, only 90 managed to cross the finish line.

Jaylene and Christy were two of those 90.

Both finishing with final times of 23 hours and 18 minutes, the two began their race at 5:15 on the morning of Saturday, August 1. The Janzen women would cross the finish line together at 4:33 the next morning...

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