Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Jeremy Reynolds Wins Fourth Tevis Cup

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Excessive heat and smoke from wildfires challenged participants in the 2021 ride.

Posted by Marsha Hayes | Jul 26, 2021

At 10:03 p.m. PDT, Saturday July 24, Jeremy Reynolds on his bay Arabian mare, Treasured Moments, crossed the finish line of the 65th Tevis Cup ride to claim his fourth victory. He finished an hour and 10 minutes before the second-place horse, VA Blizzard of Oz, ridden by Chistorph Schork.

“This win is special for me,” Reynolds said moments after Treasure successfully passed her final veterinary examination. “I’ve had her forever. She is a piece of me.”

Reynolds and Treasure ran near the front early in the race.

Reynolds arrived at Foresthill with Suzanne Huff on her bay Arabian mare, S D Expressa. Although Huff left the one-hour hold two minutes before Reynolds, during the last 32 miles, Reynolds pulled ahead. “Basically, ‘Treasure’ pulled on me all the way from Foresthill,” he said...

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