Friday, March 05, 2010

Dynamite Dash 50 in Scottsdale - Amanda Washington

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I had the amazingly generous opportunity to ride one of Garrett's horses, Belesemo Inferno, in the 50 at the Dynamite Dash endurance ride put on by Rusty Toth on February 27. This is the first year for the ride, and despite monsoon-type weather in Scottsdale the month prior to the ride, a change of ridecamp a week before and quite frankly a really scary weekend forecast, the ride went off without a hitch!

Rusty contacted me a few months ago to see if my husband, Robert, might be interested in vetting. Of course I said yes, so long as I could ride! I then convinced my husband it would be a great thing to do while we were on our annual migration south. Didn't take much to convince him.

Garrett Ford quickly offered me a horse and we were all set! Being from the northwest, I am one of the few doing the "barefoot thing" in endurance. I was super excited to watch Mr. Easyboot himself apply the glue-ons to horses prior to the ride. I have been riding in Easycare boots for three years but have only been gluing boots for rides since last June. Considering we don't have the option up in the NW for others to glue on for us, we have had to learn ourselves. I can tell you, it wasn't pretty at first, but we got the job done! I was feeling pretty good about my glue jobs towards the end of last season, but watching Garrett and seeing his end product was the equivalent of thinking you sound pretty good singing in the shower and getting laughed off the audition stage at American Idol!


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