Wednesday, March 31, 2010


ANSAmed) - PALERMO - A filly was born in the Institute for experimental zoology of Sicily, a crossbreed between a mare of a typical Sicilian race and an Arab stallion. The stallion is a gift of the Sultan of Omar. In December 2008 he donated the horse, via ambassador to Italy Said Nasser Al-Harthy, to the president of the Region, Raffaele Lombardo. Saaken is a 5-year old stallion of a pure Arab horse, son of Barabas and Zeenah. The splendid animal has a certificate of origin of the Sultan of Omar. Two of its offspring have won the first stage of the regional endurance championship held in Trapani early in March. The Institute's stables in Palermo already had stallions of various races: San Fratellano, Sella Francese, Trottatore, Quarter Horse, France Montaigne, Anglo-Arabo, Tintoretto and, last but not least, the stallion donkey from Ragusa. But the real star is the Arab horse. When the stallion arrived, the ISZ collected his semen, to be used by breeders who want to improve the gene pool of Sicilian horses. The Sultan of Oman has also given two mares to the Region, also from the royal stables. The three animals were delivered to Governor Raffaele Lombardo by ambassador to Italy Said Nasser Al-Harthy. ''We are grateful to the Sultan'' said Lombardo, ''because these gifts are an expression of the important relation that has been formed. We think we will expand it to other sectors as well''. On that occasion, the Region gave three Sicilian goats in return, ''to start a similar crossbreeding project in Oman'', in Lombardo's words. ''This seems to be an interesting way to continue exchanging gifts that can lead to more important results than the usual gifts'', the president of the Region concluded. (ANSAmed).

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