Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Twenty Eleven Ride, Part 4

Enduranceridestuff - Karen Chaton

This was the 2nd of 3 articles I wrote for Endurance News following the 2001 XP.

XP'loring the Trail, 2000 Miles of Memories. Be sure to click on the link to read the entire thing! If you want to read my diary from the ride and see photos from all 8 weeks, click here. Karen

Talk about anticipation! Most of the riders had waited months, years even…for the start of this ride and it was quite a spectacular one. The horses were loaded into trailers in St. Joseph, Missouri and hauled across the river to Elwood, Kansas. The morning was dark, humid, and dark clouds loomed menacingly overhead. Baseball sized butterflies fluttered around inside my stomach on the short trip to the start. We unloaded our already tacked up horses and just like that, we were off. After all the months spent dreaming about the ride here we were actually embarking on the adventure of a lifetime...

XP'loring the Trail, 2000 Miles of Memories

2001 Pony Express Ride

by Karen Chaton, Copyright 2002

Part 2 of 3

For many of us, riding the Pony Express trail brought on a whole new aspect to endurance riding. We were riding through history. I’ll try my best to cover some of the more historical aspects of the trail and the parts that the riders remember the most. Many of us are still realizing the significance and enormity of it all. To condense the details of the trail into mere words is not an easy task. Words really cannot contain the emotions or the experiences of what we went thru. Every traveler along this historical route 140 years ago encountered adventure, discovery and hardship which was revealed to each of us on the back of a horse as we progressed on our incredible journey.


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