Monday, March 22, 2010

Wasatch riders take to island to explore, volunteer

By JaNae Francis (Standard-Examiner staff)
Mar 21 2010

ANTELOPE ISLAND STATE PARK -- Two riders headed through thick cattails to get to the crystal-white lakeshore at White Rock Bay choose a path where the plants are already parted.

Just as they begin making their own way, they hear a rustling nearby.

Emerging from the path, they spot a white-tailed deer running from its hiding place.

During their ride for several hours over the weekend, the two riders also saw seven bison, five mule deer and a group of chuckers scampering through the brush.

"There's not a better place to ride among the wildlife that are not being hunted," said Janet Harrison, of West Haven.

"There's some awesome game on the south end. There are some trophy-sized racks."

Harrison is one of about 60 members of the Wasatch Front Back Country Horseman who spent the weekend riding horses and volunteering their services at Antelope Island State Park.

The members, who ride the trails throughout the state and help with maintenance wherever they go, said they can't think of a better place to ride horses in the fall, winter and spring than Antelope Island.

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