Saturday, August 21, 2010

FEI Redhorse: Kentucky

100 Acre Farm in Nicholasville, KY

Trying to remember why I abandoned my nice comfortable life to live in a box with wheels for months on end. Actually not that bad, been to some very interesting places and met some wonderful people, an experience that I will always hold dear.

Danville to Kentucky was not too far, about 7 hours, but it was nice and hot, highest temp I saw was 97. Just as I got into town the AT&T network went down so could not call Ron Brown to get the final few miles of directions to the farm.

Arrived in Nicholasville, KY at about 1:30 PM on Thursday the 16 of August. Ron has 100 acres in the middle of a upper scale neighborhood, just seconds from the Hwy, we are about 15 miles to Shaker Village and the same to Lexington Horse Park, so perfect. He has two very large older barns that are in good repair. Ron's dream is to have really nice boarding and exercise facility.

MONK loves Kentucky, as do I. He likes that green stuff they put on the ground, they have a little in California, but it goes away fast. Here he has it has far as the eye can see, he runs in it, rolls in it and then eats it, what more could you ask.. He has quite a routine when I give him his hay and grain as I can hear him right outside the trailer door. He eats a little hay, some grain and then some of that green stuff, and so it goes...

During the day time MONK goes into a large 4 board pasture of maybe 4 acres or so which is next to the dry lot which is reserved for the weight loss patients. He runs the fence line with some of the more able, but mostly just hangs out and eats. Mid day, during the heat of the day I try and put him into a stall for a few hours to get away from the sun and the flies. When I get him out I wash and disinfect his pasterns and reapply my zinc oxide. Currently only a couple of very tiny spots of scratches.. They don't call them that here in Kentucky, will have to remember to find out what they do...


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